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The boy with the thorn in his side's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The boy with the thorn in his side

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AN IMPORTANT DEBATE! [25 Jul 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So for quite some time now, there has been speculation between Mandy, Alex and myself about whether or not the eight year old bastard offspring of our landlord can form speech. Up until this point, all that could be heard is bizarre chirps and yells, but nothing to indicate an actual language.

Well right now I am listening to the two of them arguing if god can kill police officers or not. One says that god can kill everyone, even the boys behind the badge. The other says that gods mysterious powers are null and void against our friends in blue.

So tell me, what do you think?? Are police really the indestructible supermen we have known to grow and love? Or is there some mythical super-villain out there, able to bring our heroes to their knees? YOU DECIDE!

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:-( [25 Jul 2004|12:54pm]
come home. . .
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so what do you alll think about swords? [08 Jun 2004|01:08pm]

the past few days were the most fun ive had in a very long time.

LA is fucking amazing, the shows we played were all super fun, hung out with awesome people, met new people, raised hell and pretty much had the time of my fucking life. i just wish it could have lasted longer.
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[31 May 2004|10:45am]
for those of you who might think they want to see The Day After Tomorrow, dont. worst movie ive seenin a while. effects were cool to watch but that only takes up like 20 min of a 2 hour movie, the bullshit hipp crap they force downyour throat gets so old so quick. save yourself the money
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officer bawsko, he calt me a niggorr [24 May 2004|02:30pm]
[ mood | irate ]

the homies from seattle are in town, phil jen and john. good people, i really wish they didnt live in damn seattle.

the other day was the bbq and that shit was fucking sweet. a little akward being with a lot of drunk hip hop kids but phil and jen were in the same boat as me.

after the bbq we saw andre nikatina at tower records and then made it over to gilman where i somehow got roped into working. suckered some blonde girl in to kissing dylan. dont think she was in to it.

speaking of gilman, its funny how that place is full of two faced back stabbing assholes who will have a problem with you for absolutly no reason and then lie to you about it to your face because they dont have the balls to say anything when confronted about it. you know who you are. my how i love that club. . . ha!

after gilman was food court, got a really shitty over priced latte with jen at this cafe on university,,, seriously worst steamed milk ever. we are both coffee snobs. at the food court we almost got in a fight with some ass hole claiming to be BEOK crew and took off with my pen while catching tags, but it was de-fused.

yesterday we ended up driving aound hayward looking for where were were suposed to do a production but stupid bloat never answered his phone till like 330, fuck kids and their hang overs.

played at this art galleryish thing in the city,, it was fun despite art made of semen on the walls. after that was throwdown and it was done by 10:20, got home at a decent our and ended up chattin it up with mighty A.C. til 4:30 in the morning.

right now im dealing with school bullshit and its causing me to go out of my mind and im allready stressed out and totally unstable enough as it is and i think this shit is about to put me over the edge.

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everybodys a winnah [20 May 2004|01:26am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

tonight was fun, west coast has the worst set up for sound, my ears wanted to bleed, actually, they probablly did,,, regardless it was a fun show, outbreak was cool, drug test not so much,
thanks to all who rolled out.

scandia befor was sweet.

finger traps smell like urine,,,, seriously

still dont have my book back goddamnit!

went to the in n out casino after the show,,, naoma=marge is all i have to say.

today is may 20th, thats chers birthday

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[18 May 2004|02:47pm]
[ mood | confused ]

those of you who know mebest havesurly noticed that i havent been myself lately and for that i am sorry, im not sure whats been going on, butimsorry for my bitchy attitude.

today is the only day i work this week, total suck fest

for the longest time ive wanted to bea tattoo artist but for some reason i have never thought i actually could be and never really took it seriously but now i realized that its something i really really really want to do, really really bad...

i lost a parking ticket i owe on and im fucked on that

all you folks should make your way up to WestCoastWorldWide tomorrow night.

scandia motherfuckers!

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it doesnt really matter if we all die [13 May 2004|02:57am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

woo, long post that only jen will read and respond to,, none of you other bitches will bother reading this, so i will start off by saying fuck you.

its been a while and alot has gone down.

i guess ill start with the redemption shows, they seem forever ago but im still totally stoked to have been able to participate in that, let alone play it. aside from being nausious from paint fumes from the night prior, being hotter then the depths of hell, dehydrated, having had that had been sliced open very VERY deep, a smashed thumb, mad cramping legs and no sleep in three days, it was the time of my fucking life!

living in oakland is awesome, living with mandy is awesome, alex is a good room mate, im pretty sure our landlord is some sort of a prostitute... 3 am visits from loud black men banging on the door,, hmmmm... anyway, i love it here, i miss my b-town homies (the very few that there are) and wish i could see them more often. i dont even see my friends from here enough, i spend too much time working orhanging out alone watching stupid maury and jerry springer...or star trek videos. i need to hang out with people moreoften, nothing inparticular, just hang out time. goddamn work. speaking of, i really do like my job aside from working with 90% total fucking idiots, its a fun job,,,, they only scheduled me 10 hours next week and i cant work one of them cuz wereplaying a showin sacto... that worries me...

the space bar on this computer hates me

been playing fun shows and have a bunch morecomming up that will hopefully be just as fun and im sure they will be. going down to southern california (fuck all of you who call it 'socal') the first week of june and im totally stoked about that, not only to play the shows and go on a road trip with cool people but just be in LA andbe able to see all the pretty things in person, hopefully be able to get some painting in...

havent been painting nearly as much as i would like to be lately, mostly due tothe people inormally goout with are all on probation,, that and a weird lackof trains,, what the fuck?! on a bright side, ive been paintingwith new people, friends from seattle have been commingdown every so often, been going up to sacto to paint with somecool folks up there,,, none of you care about that.

i really want to and need to start doing more canvas art, i miss doing that

i stoped taking classes at SVC because i got accepted into a good medical program in napa,, not looking forward to the drive but the long term rewards will be worth it

the other day i almost died due to stupid cars sucking,,, the gas pedal on mandys car got stuck in accelerate on the bay bridge and nomatter how hard i mashed on the breaks, nothing,,, finally got it to stop but only aftersome hard work and a lot of thoughts of dying going through my mind,,, i hate cars but without them i couldnt survive

despite all of this good shiti listed, i somehow am still totally stressed and all fucked up and depressed and i dont knowwhy,,mandy is gone right now andthat doesnt help obviously,,,i miss her alot,,, i think i let shit build up too much by hiding it all the time and pretending like im all smiles all the time,,, but you dont want to hear me bitch, i do that enough as it is,, not that you will read this anyway

falling off a moving freight train sucks,,, almost getting killed byt freight trains sucks,, breaking sunglasses that dont belong to me sucks,,im still awesome

im not sure what else to say,,, i know theres more but i think that will be it for now,its fucking 345 am

love, your superior
-chris adonis

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